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Arkansas Waterfall by Rhavethstine Arkansas Waterfall by Rhavethstine
I've been meaning to pay more attention to my color photography for quite some time, but keep getting distracted with B&W IR. Here's something from my trip across the states last October, which brought me through lovely Arkansas.

The waterfall you see here is the result of a short cave that you can crawl back into if you are so inclined. You crawl through the shallow streambed in a horizontally flat passageway, between two hard layers of limestone where the softer layer between them has eroded away. Farther inside is an underground waterfall, between twenty and thirty feet tall. I found it quite unnerving to be in a cavern with water pouring into it from the ceiling. I had actually managed to crawl through the water with my camera and tripod with the intent of getting a shot of the rare (to me) spectacle, but lost my nerve entirely too soon. The only way out was to stoop down and crawl back the way you came. Fun, nonetheless. :D

Critiques are always welcome.

Technical Details:
:bulletblue: Nikon D70s
:bulletblue: Sigma DC 10-20 @ 10mm
:bulletblue: ISO 200, 2s @ F/10
:bulletblue: B&W Polarizer
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LazyRayFinkle Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Love photos of my Natural State. Good jobbers. 
baba49 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BlueIvyViolet Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
this is just breathtaking!!!
Parabola-Pop Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Amazing shot!
photolitherland Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2007
first of all where is this? and second, the photo seems washed out kinda, but you can fix that in photoshop other than that it is perfect
cravingfordesign Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2007
This is after Eden Falls right?
Rhavethstine Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2007
I had not known that the previous fall was called Eden Falls, but I did a little research and I recognized it right away. So yes. :) I've got shots of that one, too, but figure one waterfall from one location is enough for my gallery at the moment. :)

I know you posted some Arkansas photos last year. Did you make it here? Short, but top-notch hike if you haven't been there. :thumbsup:
cravingfordesign Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007
Yeah we stopped by this location in October, here is the link to the trip photos [link]

We really liked the Indian Creek hike, it was just as challenging as the hikes in the Southwest
Rhavethstine Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007
Nice collection of shots. Fall is seriously amazing in that part of the country.

Damn, man. There is a lot of content on your website that I've never seen. Very nice graphic design and diverse portfolio!
WandaCarla Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2007
Very pretty! ^_^
felineflames Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2007
I can't think of anything really constructive to say about this one. It's just absolutely beautiful. I want to sit in that little cavern behind the waterfall and just look out at all the lovely color.

Fantastic job getting that vibrant, living green. It looks like paradise. :)
Rhavethstine Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2007
No worries if you have nothing constructive to say, of course. I enjoy hearing positive thoughts just as much as the next person. :) Thanks!
Dee-ehn Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2007
Very nice, I love shots like that. Maybe a little less blueish tone would fit the picture better?
kkart Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007  Professional Photographer just left me speechless. I don't even know what to say......honestly, it is perfect
malaskor Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2007  Professional Photographer
Beautiful, while the colors are a bit cold it has a very calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The water of the waterfall is nicely "softened"
AndySerrano Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2007  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I am enthralled by the water itself. It's more like a silk waterfall.
ScarredWolfphoto Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2007
gorgeous, i was in Arkansas last October, where did you take this ?

Buzz - :salute:
Rhavethstine Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2007
Yeah, I remember reading that you took that trip. This was taken on a very short hike near Harrison. Here's a quick synopsis.
aniabeata Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow! what an awesome waterfall :D
Superpouf Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2007
Where in Arkansas is this?! I went to Arkansas once in high school, near the city of Perryville. I definitely didn't see anything this spectacular. But then I was there working on a big farm!

Well nonetheless, this is a gorgeous photo!! Great work! Too bad you didn't make it all the way down the cave.... I take it you were alone? I think caves are great. I went down one near Flag... I have no idea the name of it, but it was an old lava flow or something that created a cave. It was very fun and I would love to go into more caves if I get the chance! I wonder what the underground waterfall was like?! That would have been REALLY cool to see! Oh well, maybe next time you'll have someone to go spelunking with! ;)
Rhavethstine Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2007
You can find information on where this is and an even better description of the cave here. It's a pretty cool place. Definitely wasn't expecting stuff like this in Arkansas, but I guess they have a TON of caves. I was surprised and intrigued. Loved the farmland up there. So different from the landscape out west.
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